August 17, 2019

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Recent Minnesota Legal Articles

Minnesota Supreme Court Rules No Presumption of Risk in Skiing

We all know that skiing has its risks. We’ve heard stories of skiers colliding with trees hitting their heads or suffering other injuries while on the slopes. The Supreme Court in Minnesota, however, recently ruled that skiing is not inherently … [Read More...]

Minnesota Alcohol Laws

If you’ve recently moved to the Twin Cities area or are going to be traveling through the Land of 10,000 Lakes, be sure you know the laws because alcohol-related offenses are not taken lightly in the beautiful state of Minnesota. If you find yourself … [Read More...]

Wrongful Death Claims for the Common Law Spouse in Minnesota

There is so much confusion about common law marriage, and so much misinformation passed around by word-of-mouth. A common-law marriage confers all the same rights and responsibilities as formal or ceremonial marriage. It is not a fast and loose grey … [Read More...]